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Mallorca, an island full of charming villages

Mallorca, an island full of charming villages


29 February, 2024


Welcome to Mallorca, the island that has been besieged by pirates; that has experienced the splendor of Rome; that has been a commercial hub between Greece, Carthage, and the peninsula. Mallorca, the island where the fiercest warriors, the slingers, were hired by generals like Hannibal to be part of their armies.

In short, the island that combines history, nature, gastronomy, culture... and is full of charming villages.

At Balear Invest, we know the best corners of Mallorca and want to share some of our favorites.

The most beautiful villages on the coast of Mallorca

The Mallorcan coast is dotted with villages that for centuries were dedicated solely to the sea. Today, many of these vestiges remain.

  • In the northwest of the island is the town of Alcudia, a locality of Roman origin, protected by a royal wall and inviting to stroll through the cobbled streets of the old town. It is obligatory to walk along the wall, to get an idea of what it was like in ancient times and to have a privileged view of the picturesque neighborhoods.Originally named Pollentia, it was inhabited by Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans, who established a luxurious city, of which there is a site and several findings, in a museum. Every Tuesday and Sunday, the market is held, attracting numerous visitors who want to buy good local produce, crafts, clothing, or accessories.  Alcudia has its own port just one kilometer away, which is the largest commercial port on the island and connects with Menorca through Ciudadela, by ferry.The beach is white and fine sand, and the sea is bright blue, due to its shallow depth.Another must-see in Alcudia is the Albufera, a natural reserve dominated by a swamp where many typical animals of Mallorca gather. Alcudia is connected to Pollensa through one of the most beautiful roads in Mallorca, which runs along the sea. Pollensa has a history dating back to the Talayotic period, three millennia ago. It is famous for the tough battle between Moors and Christians in 1550, which is the center of the village's festivities and is recreated every year.
  • Pollensa is crisscrossed with cobbled streets running through its old town, where motor vehicles are not allowed to ensure the tranquility of its residents and the preservation of the ancient houses. Shops and restaurants offer their best products throughout the year. El Calvario is one of the main places to visit in Pollensa. It is formed by 365 stone steps leading to a small 18th-century church, to which most people arrive breathless. The reward is spectacular views of the town and the bay. The port of Pollensa is about six kilometers from the town and is the largest marina in Mallorca. It is the perfect place for a stroll, water activities, or enjoying a meal or dinner by the sea.
  • Let's go to the other end of the island because Palma is also a city worth mentioning in this entry. The capital of Mallorca is a charming town where the sea is the protagonist, but also its monuments, shops, museums, restaurants...The old fishermen's quarter of Santa Catalina - where Balear Invest is located - is one of the most visited, while the old town brings together all the civilizations that have been part of Palma's history, from Roman times to the present day.Palma's port is commercial and sports, and connects with several points on the peninsula, as well as being a mandatory stop for all Mediterranean cruises.The patron saint festivities take place in January, but throughout the year there are artistic, festive, and cultural events in almost every neighborhood.

Inland villages of Mallorca: charming places

If the Mallorcan coast is bustling with activity and life, the interior of Mallorca is not much different. The aesthetics, however, are. The Sierra de Tramontana declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Pla area of the island have a different charm, which also captivates.

  • Caimari is located at the foot of Puig Major, the highest mountain on the island. It is between Selva, Moscari, Binibona, and Biniamar, all of them small, picturesque nuclei, that are part of or start some hiking route through the TramontanaCaimari is famous for its olive groves and for its tafona - oil mill - which produces one of the best oils on the islands.With only about 1000 inhabitants, the village is small but well-supplied with shops and restaurants. On Mondays, the weekly market takes place in the square, and in mid-November, the Olive Fair is held, one of the most famous on the island and worth visiting.
  • Costitx is 38 kilometers from Palma and 10 from Inca and can boast of being the heart of Mallorca because here is the geographical center of the island. It is a small municipality with two charming rural nuclei: Ruberts and Jornets. Despite its small size, Costitx has an important historical legacy as there is a Talayotic sanctuary called Son Corro, where some bronze bull heads were found, which are currently preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid. It is also famous because it houses the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca, which was installed in Costitx due to the low light pollution, which allows you to enjoy the starry sky more easily than in other parts of the island, and study it.

We love talking about the villages of Mallorca, and we still have many more to highlight. Stay tuned to this blog, and soon we will reveal more secrets of the island.

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